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  • 4 Common Porch Flooring Options: Compared And Contrasted

    18 December 2019

    If you are having a porch added to your home, one of the biggest decisions you'll need to make is what material to have the floor made from. Here are four options your builder may give you, along with a little insight into the pros and cons of each one. 1. Pressure-Treated Wood You would not want to use standard pine or maple for porch flooring, as rot would set in quickly.

  • What To Check If Your Water Heater Is Not Keeping The Water Hot

    12 November 2019

    Traditional water heaters only do two things: heat water so you have domestic hot water in your home, and keep the water in the tank hot until you need it. If your water heater is not doing both of those things properly, you need to find out why. Sometimes you can find the problem, and sometimes you need a professional to help, but here are some things to check if you are not getting hot water.

  • When Chemical Grouting Is Appropriate For Your Project

    7 October 2019

    Chemical grouting is a process that can offer underpinning and support for buildings or structures on loose soil. The process requires training and knowledge of the soil as well as the grout, but when done correctly, it can be the best solution for stabilizing some types of soil.  Understanding Chemical Grouting Chemical grouting is the process of injecting a grout mixture into the ground to fill a void space with a material that will harden and support the ground or a structure sitting above the void.

  • 3 Helpful Actions When Finding A Residential Home Builder

    27 August 2019

    If you're buying a new home, one option may be to have one constructed from scratch. For this extensive project, you'll need to find a home builder. Searching for one today won't be that much of a challenge as long as you take these actions. 1. Look Over Past Work You'll have a pretty good idea of what a home builder is capable of by examining their past work. If the builder is legitimate, they should have an entire portfolio of homes they've helped build from scratch.

  • Choosing The Right Insulation Solutions To Improve Efficiency After An Energy Audit

    15 July 2019

    Having an energy audit done for your home is a great way to find out where you are losing energy and where improvements need to be done. If you are losing energy, it's likely that insulation installation is going to be needed to improve thermal barriers and stop air leaks in your home. The following insulation solutions are ideal to improve different areas of your home after an energy audit:

  • Answering Your Seamless Gutter Questions

    5 June 2019

    The gutters are easily one of the more commonly overlooked parts of a building. However, the gutters can provide essential protection for both the roof and the exterior walls of the building by making it possible to control and direct the runoff from the roof. If you're in the market for new gutters for your building, the following information can help you learn more about seamless gutters.  How Are Seamless Gutters Superior To Traditional Gutter Systems?

  • 3 Things An Electrician Can Do To Make Your Living Room A More Desirable Space

    24 April 2019

    If you have spent a lot of time in your living room, you may know that adding a few new furniture pieces may not do much to improve the overall space. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to improve the living room because all you need to do is invest in other things. For instance, a great idea is to hire an electrician because they can work on all sorts of special projects that will improve your living room and make it more desirable to your family.

  • 4 Landscaping and Exterior Home Improvements to Stop Water Problems in the Basement

    8 March 2019

    Basement foundations are susceptible to problems from water and moisture that gets into your home. These problems often start outdoors due to issues like the watershed of landscaping, drainage problems, or outdated waterproofing systems for the foundation. The following landscaping and exterior home improvements will help keep the water out and prevent damage to your home: 1. Improving Landscaping Watershed to Keep Water Away The landscaping watershed around your home is important to keep water away and prevent excess runoff from causing damage to the foundation.

  • Why You Might Prefer Building A Custom Home Over Buying A Production Home

    23 January 2019

    If you're tired of living in old homes and you want your next home to be new, you'll have to decide if you want a production home or a custom home. A custom home has many advantages, and it doesn't have to be out of your price range. Here are some reasons to make your next home a custom home. You Can Pick Out The Ideal Lot When you buy a production house, you usually buy a house and land together and it's often in a planned community.