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Add Concentrated Light To Your Kitchen

by Matthew Fields

New cabinetry will transform the manner in which you store items in your kitchen, and considerations should be taken when choosing cabinet materials, lighting, and accessories. If the room is dark and contains a minimal amount of windows, some strategic color scheme and brightening techniques can be used to increase lighting.

Light-Colored Cabinets Or Open Frames And A Backdrop

Use cabinets to form a block of light, by choosing a white or cream-colored hue for the cabinet doors and frames. LIght-colored cabinets can consist of a closed storage area or an open area that contains a cabinet outline, an exposed wall, and shelving.

If you choose an exposed layout, select an open style that utilizes one material for the shelving and frame borders and a complementary one that will be behind the cabinets. For example, you may want to choose an exposed brick surface but not be supplied with this type of wall originally. Veneers that resemble bricks can be used for this upgrade. Choose a powder white brick color or one that is neutral and that will complement the cabinet materials.

Recessed Lights, Drop Lights, And Mirrors

Blonde oak or pine wood may be a light cream to yellowish brown color and contain faint streaks of grey or pale green. This material will allow you to enjoy the rich scent of wood, without being stuck with dark cabinetry that defeats the purpose of trying to make the kitchen appear brighter.

Recessed lighting that is installed under the cabinetry will increase visibility along the countertops. Recessed lighting can consist of brackets and bulbs or flexible strips that can be plugged into a power outlet. During the installation of cabinetry, request that your contractor adds one light source to the bottom of each cabinet or choose specific cabinets where you would like to increase lighting. Cabinets that are located along the corner of the room or ones that are suspended at an elevated height can have a light added to their undersides.

Purchase chrome or frosted drop lights and hang them in front of the cabinetry. The low-lying bulbs will bring light closer to where you are standing in comparison to ceiling light fixtures. Choose a simple bulb and cover style that won't compete with the cabinetry design. Remove window coverings and hang a mirror directly across from each window. The natural light that filters into the kitchen will be reflected in the mirror.

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