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What You Need To Understand When Working On A Custom Home

by Matthew Fields

If you are a construction contractor and are not yet familiar with how building a custom home affects your part of the job, then it's important to have a basic understanding as to how custom home building and design differs from the typical production model. Custom homes are typically more specific than regularly built properties, and they are typically more expensive while also being more complicated in terms of behind-the-scenes systems.

Custom Can Mean Specific

One of the most important things to understand about custom homes is that the building process is typically more specific than what the so-called "production" model home building will entail. Clients that want brand-new homes built typically have already considered production homes and decided that they want more control over the architecture and design of the home they have. This means that instead of working with a contractor to install several iterations of the same type of floor in the same neighborhood, you will be installing a unique floor in a unique home.

They're A Pricey Job

It's important to note that custom homes are typically more expensive (for the buyer) than production homes simply because they require specialized labor and more of it than the latter requires. On your end, that means that custom homes will probably not be a quick or easy job, especially if you are hired for more than one job within the building process. Additionally, custom homes are generally preferred by clients that want higher-end products, so you may be installing high-end floors, windows, doors, roofs, or even geothermal heat pumps. This can be a net benefit for you, so long as the higher building costs carry to your paycheck.

Building Agreements Can Get Complicated

Finally, it's important to note that not all custom homes have the same construction team set-up. Many custom homes are built with the traditional contractor-architect partnership, but quite a few are also built through custom home building companies, called "design-build" companies. This can mean that rather than being hired by a general contractor you are instead hired through a company. This can be a net benefit for those looking to work with a cohesive unit where architects, builders, and construction workers are all working seamlessly together rather than as separate, loosely connected units.

Custom homes can be a boon for the construction worker. They are more specific in their demands than most other houses, but they are also lucrative opportunities that can facilitate teamwork and cooperation if you end up working with a design-build company. If you would like to work on a custom home, find a design-build company hiring near you today.