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Common Locations For Roof Leaks

by Matthew Fields

A leaking roof isn't just an inconvenience; it can be disastrous to both your wallet and your safety. Roof leaks lead to water damage, which can become quite extensive if it isn't addressed. Further, leaks contribute to interior mold growth, and they increase the chances of a roof failure. Both of these can be hazardous. Leaks don't typically spring up randomly, but the following information can help you know what areas are most prone to leaks so you can monitor your roof better.

Chimney and Vents

Most roofs have multiple vents and other items protruding from the roof, along with a chimney. Flashing or a rubber boot typically seals the roof where the vent pipes and chimney penetrate the roof. Over time, this flashing or seal can fail, and water can leak into your home. You may notice bubbling paint on the ceiling beneath the leaking area or perhaps on the wall near your fireplace. Fortunately, flashing and seals can be replaced without the need for a whole new roof.

Roof Valleys

Roof valleys are another common leakage point. Most valleys have either valley shingles or a valley liner over this join area to ensure the area doesn't leak. Of course, due to the nature of a roof valley, water is more likely to collect, particularly if fallen leaves or debris dams the valley so water collects. You can avoid these leaks by ensuring your roof is clean of debris, including moss growth. Gutters should also be kept clean so water doesn't backflow up the valley and beneath the shingles or liner. Further, inspect the valley areas from the ground and schedule a repair if the shingles or liner looks damaged.


Skylights are prized because they let in natural light, but they can also open your roof up to a higher chance for leaks. Older skylights are more likely to leak, in part due to aging and in part due to outdated designs. Skylights have flashing and seals around their perimeter to help route water away so it doesn't pool against the top of the frame. You should have the flashing and seals inspected by a roofer periodically so you can catch potential leaks and repair the skylight seals before a problem occurs.

Although the above areas are more likely to experience a leak, keep in mind that anywhere with shingle damage is also at risk. Work with a roofing company like Par One Construction, Inc. if you suspect a leak anywhere on your roof.