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Answering Your Seamless Gutter Questions

by Matthew Fields

The gutters are easily one of the more commonly overlooked parts of a building. However, the gutters can provide essential protection for both the roof and the exterior walls of the building by making it possible to control and direct the runoff from the roof. If you're in the market for new gutters for your building, the following information can help you learn more about seamless gutters. 

How Are Seamless Gutters Superior To Traditional Gutter Systems?

Seamless gutters can offer homeowners many advantages over more traditional options. One of the most important will be that seamless gutters are much less likely to develop leaks. This is due to the fact that the gaps between the sections of the gutters will be sealed so that water will not be able to work its way through. In contrast, traditional gutters will have little protection at these joints, which can allow them to be much more vulnerable to leaking. Leaking gutters might not seem like a serious threat to your home, but the water running down the side of the house can damage the exterior walls. Also, the runoff could erode the soil near the base of the house, which may contribute to a higher risk of foundation problems.

Will Installing Seamless Gutters Be More Difficult?

The installation of any type of gutter system can be a laborious task that might be surprisingly dangerous. In addition to the work and challenges that will come with standard gutter systems, seamless gutters will also need to be soldered or welded so that the seams can be closed. This will require specialized equipment and technical expertise to effectively do. For these reasons, most homeowners should avoid attempting to install their own seamless gutters. Luckily, most gutter contractors will be able to install seamless gutters in about the same amount of time that traditional gutters would require, which will make this an ideal option.

Do Seamless Gutter Systems Still Need To Be Frequently Cleaned?

Gutters that are not regularly cleaned will gradually become clogged due to leaves and sticks. While seamless gutters will be less likely to develop leaks, they will still be vulnerable to becoming clogged if they are not regularly cleaned. Luckily, you can help to reduce the need to have to clean your seamless gutters by adding a screen to the gutters that can filter out these materials. This may require small additional costs, but the amount of work that it reduces in maintaining the gutters can be substantial. If you choose not to add this feature to your new seamless gutters, you will still need to schedule for them to be cleaned twice a year to keep them free of blockages.

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