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4 Landscaping and Exterior Home Improvements to Stop Water Problems in the Basement

by Matthew Fields

Basement foundations are susceptible to problems from water and moisture that gets into your home. These problems often start outdoors due to issues like the watershed of landscaping, drainage problems, or outdated waterproofing systems for the foundation. The following landscaping and exterior home improvements will help keep the water out and prevent damage to your home:

1. Improving Landscaping Watershed to Keep Water Away

The landscaping watershed around your home is important to keep water away and prevent excess runoff from causing damage to the foundation. Consider improvements to landscaping anywhere that water flows towards your home when it rains. This can be done with drainage canals, changes to the grading, installing storm drainage systems, and using hardscaping like retaining walls to keep the water away.

2. Landscaping and Foundation Drainage Systems to Stop Water

Landscaping around your home could be flat or in low-lying areas where good watershed is difficult to achieve. If this is the case for you, installing a landscaping drainage system with drain pipes and filtration medium could be a good solution to protect your foundation. There are also foundation drainage systems that can be installed on the exterior or interior of your home to protect against damage from water. Contact an exterior waterproofing company for help with these tasks.

3. Roof Overhangs and Gutters to Keep Water Away from the Foundation

When watershed flows off your roof and to the ground near the exterior walls, this water filters through the soil and causes static water pressure. This is the force of nature that works against your foundation and causes damage like cracks and waterproofing failure. Improvements like extended overhangs and gutters with drainage lines at downspouts can help keep the water away from the foundation of your home and reduce damage.

4. Upgrading Failing Waterproofing and Repairing Foundation Damage

The waterproofing of your home can fail due to age, wear, and the type of materials used to seal foundation walls when your home was built. Today, there are modern foundation waterproofing systems that use a combination of durable sealants, specially designed membranes, and foundation drainage systems to keep water away. If you have to do repairs to your foundation, talk to the contractor about upgrading the waterproofing system to better protect your basement from water and moisture.

These are some of the improvements that can be done to landscaping, drainage, and waterproofing to stop damage to your basement. If you need help with repairs and improvements, contact a foundation waterproofing service and talk to them about the right solutions to protect your home.