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Why You Might Prefer Building A Custom Home Over Buying A Production Home

by Matthew Fields

If you're tired of living in old homes and you want your next home to be new, you'll have to decide if you want a production home or a custom home. A custom home has many advantages, and it doesn't have to be out of your price range. Here are some reasons to make your next home a custom home.

You Can Pick Out The Ideal Lot

When you buy a production house, you usually buy a house and land together and it's often in a planned community. Your home may be squeezed between other homes on a barren lot that doesn't offer a great view. When you build a custom home, you can choose the lot first and buy one that has features you want such as spacious size, beautiful views, or water access. This gives you the best of both the lot and home so you'll love your new home and be content in it for years as your family grows.

The Home Is Built To Your Specifications

A production home is built from a basic blueprint that many other homes in the planned community follow. This makes the homes look alike and you may have to settle for features you don't like just so you can live in a new home. You have complete control over everything when you have a custom home built. You are only controlled by your budget and by what's structurally possible. You can have the blueprints made that include your preferred layout and home design so you can have your open kitchen or great room with sweeping views. You'll also get to choose the finishes for the home down to the type of doors, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and appliances. This can actually help you save money on your home since you can splurge on things you must have and compromise on cost where it doesn't matter to you.

Your Custom Home Is Unique

If the idea of living in a neighborhood of production houses that all look similar is not appealing to you, then a custom home is the right way to go. The home is unique to you and reflects your style and personality. When you want the new home experience, then you might as well have a custom home built so it has all the features you dream of in a new home. While you may plan on spending the rest of your life in your new home, life changes may require you to sell it, and a home that's been custom built is attractive to buyers, so you might have an easier time selling it especially if it sits on a beautiful lot.

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