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Who You Should Promote Custom Mirrors To

by Matthew Fields

You own a construction business that does really well in meeting the needs of your customers. You are skilled at designing custom cabinets and want to add custom mirrors to your list of services. You want to appeal to the right audience so that you can make a profit while advertising and marketing yourself successfully.

In order to make the most of your custom mirror business as part of your construction business, you need to know what customers to appeal to the most. Here is a small list of the people you should be promoting your services to.

Custom home builders

People who come to you to design their dream homes will be the ones who may be the most interested in other custom finishes such as a custom mirror. Promote your services for custom mirrors to your customers when you first meet with them, showing them samples of your work and where they can hang a custom mirror, such as in their entryways, bathrooms, and other areas of the home.

Newlywed couples

Newlyweds want to make their home complete with the fine things that are dear to them. Promote your custom mirror services to newlyweds by offering business cards to photographers who do weddings, DJs, and other business owners. You can also promote their services in exchange for promoting yours so that you can reach a wider clientele.

Older customers

People who are older often have more money than younger families do, and often renovate their homes to meet their personal needs and spend their money in ways they wish. When you appeal to the older population, you give them a reason to invest in their homes by purchasing a custom mirror they can enjoy. As a bonus, you can promote your remodeling and other services as well so that you can create more projects for your construction company.

Repeat customers

If you've ever had a customer who has reached out to you to design a custom bathroom, cabinets, kitchen, or other remodeling project, these are the people you can reach out to for an add-on. A custom mirror can be a much smaller investment that adds the final touch to a remodeling project, and you'd be surprised how many people may jump on the opportunity to add a custom mirror to their home once they realize you offer the service.

When you reach out to the right demographics in your area, your custom mirror business can be a success. Create business cards promoting this special niche as part of your construction business, so new and existing customers know you have this to offer. For more information, contact a company like California Reflections Inc today.