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Remodeling Your Shower? 3 Things To Consider

by Matthew Fields

Having a drab bathroom can really put a damper on the start and end of every day. However, with a bathroom remodel, you can spruce up your entire bathroom in no time. To really get the bathroom of your dreams, make sure that you and your designer are putting plenty of focus on your shower. From a shower niche to your tile choices, this article will discuss three things to consider when remodeling your shower. 

Shower Niche

One part of the shower that many people often overlook when remodeling their bathroom is their shower niche. A shower niche is an indentation in the shower wall where you can put soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or your entire collection of bath toys without having to worry about them resting on the ledge of your bathtub. During the planning process, you can decide how big of a shower niche you want and where you want it located. 


It used to be that there was a sort of one showerhead fits all. Luckily, showerhead times have definitely changed and you have more than enough options to choose from including dual shower heads or even rainfall showerheads. 

  • Dual Showerheads: Do you like showering together with your loved one? Then dual showerheads may be the way to go. By placing a showerhead on either side of the shower, you and your loved one can comfortably shower together every day without having to fight over who gets the water. 
  • Rainfall Showerheads: Rainfall showerheads will really take your shower up a notch. Rather than having your showerheads come out of the wall, rainfall showerheads are overhead which help to give you a more exotic experience. Plus, rainfall showerheads are usually accompanied by several other showerheads on the wall that come at different levels; giving you the ultimate spa feel in your own shower. 


Your tile choices can really make or break your shower look and feel. When choosing tile remember that you get to choose tile for the bottom of the shower as well as the walls and even ceiling. When choosing tile for the bottom of your shower, consider getting something like river rock which can actually massage your feet every time you're in the shower. For the walls, go with something timeless like subway tile which is not only affordable but very in style right now as well. 

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