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A Look At Choosing PEX Or Copper Pipes For Your New Home

by Matthew Fields

Planning your new custom home is exciting because of all the possibilities before you. Eventually, you'll need to make many decisions when it comes to building materials and design. Plumbing is one consideration you'll have. The design will depend on the placement and type of fixtures in your home, but you'll also need to decide on the type of pipes to use. New homes are often made with PEX or copper pipes. Here are some tips for deciding which type to include in your custom home.

Copper Pipes Have Long Lives

Copper pipes have been used in home plumbing for many decades. They last a long time and are durable. They don't corrode like galvanized steel and they don't leach harmful metals like lead pipes. The main drawback to copper pipes is the cost. Copper prices fluctuate and the price may go up quite a bit between the planning stages of your home and the time of their installation. However, if copper pipes fit your budget, they are an excellent option because they will probably last the rest of your life and have an attractive appearance in places where the pipes are visible. Plus, if you're concerned about the quality of your drinking water, you won't have any concerns about copper pipes adding toxic materials to the water.

PEX Pipes Are Flexible And Affordable

PEX pipes are plastic pipes that have become more popular in new home construction because of their affordable price. These pipes can be installed off of rolls that allow the plumber to choose a custom length. This eliminates many seams and places where leaks can occur. Plus, PEX pipes are flexible so they can bend around corners and this makes them very easy to install. PEX pipes can be installed using a central manifold system that has shut-off valves to different areas of your home. This makes it easy to shut off water in areas where it is no longer used, such as a guest bath, and to shut off water quickly in an emergency.

One possible drawback to PEX pipes is that there is still some uncertainty as to whether they affect water quality. PEX pipes have been used for a few decades and their quality has increased so they are considered safe for drinking water, but if you have concerns, you may want to go with copper pipes. However, when cost is important, then PEX tubing is the way to go when building your new home.

Choosing plumbing pipes is one difficult decision of many that you face when having a custom home built. Talk with your builder about your options and how the different pipes will affect your budget and water quality so you base your decision on professional advice. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Kavin Construction.