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Three Ways To Add A Small Home Office To Your House

by Matthew Fields

When planning a remodel of your home, you may be wondering how to fit a small home office in your available space. You don't need to have a spare bedroom to create your own work area in the home, and your remodeling contractor can help you carve out space for this office area. Here are a few ideas you can use to create a home office nook.

Bay Window Desk

If you have a bay window in your home, consider transforming it into your own personal workstation. Your contractor can create a custom desktop to fit neatly into the angles of the window, and he or she can also create a drawer or cabinet system to fit underneath. Once these items are in place, you can add new curtains to customize the area as well as a pair of matching desk lamps to create a stunning look. Be sure to include plenty of under-desk storage so you can keep this work area free from clutter.

Kitchen Work Nook

If you are looking for a small space you can use to manage the household budget or organize recipes, a kitchen work nook may be the perfect solution. For this project, your contractor will need to remove one or two bottom cabinets from an area in the kitchen and lower the counter. Ideally, the area you choose should be set apart from your food prep area so you have a quiet area to work undisturbed. Have your contractor install desk drawers, and replace the counter to create a cohesive look in the area. If you prefer, you can also remove the upper cabinets and replace them with shelving you can use for cookbooks, binders, and other kitchen office essentials.


If you have a large pantry that doesn't get used to its full potential, consider converting part of it into an office. Work with your contractor to install double bi-fold doors to the pantry's entrance. You can use one side of the pantry doors to enter the office area or the other set to access food. Have your contractor install a counter that runs along two walls to create a corner desk, and add cabinets above the desk area for additional storage. You can place file cabinets underneath for document storage, or you can have your contractor create custom drawers to fit the available space.

Be sure to select a cozy office chair and a few beautiful decor pieces to complete your mini home office, and look for other ways to maximize every corner of your home during your remodeling project.

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