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5 Types Of Documents Criminals Expect You Not To Shred

by Matthew Fields

The reason criminals are able to get away with identity theft and other crimes is because they pray upon those who do not shred important documents. Many people believe that the only types of documents they need to destroy are ones that have their social on them or bank account numbers. However, there is more information than just this that criminals can use. Here are five types of documents criminals would expect for you not to shred:

  1. Prescription Labels: Believe it or not, but those prescription labels need to be shredded. The reason for this is that the prescription labels can be used by others in an attempt to refill that prescription. In some cases, the bill for the prescriptions if they are not covered by your insurance or only partially covered will be sent to you and you will be expected to pay for it. On top of this, many times prescription labels give off a lot of information about yourself, which a criminal can also use to steal your identity. 
  2. Credit Card Receipts: You don't want to leave credit card receipts lying around, so save them and then shred them. More often than not, these receipts will have the lost four numbers of your card listed and possibly even your signature. 
  3. Vet Bills: Yes, even your vet bills can be used against you. This is because vet bills often contain both your name and your pet's name and pet names are often used for passwords or security questions. 
  4. Mail: Any mail you receive needs to be shredded, as well because it contains both your name and your address. This can easily be used to put your identity together. As a side note, you should also omit your name when sending a letter in the mail with your return address on it. 
  5. Resume: Finally, any old resumes you have also need to be shredded. These contain way too much information about yourself, such as your name, phone number, address, employment history, and education history, as well. All of this can easily put together your identity for a criminal and it can give away easy to guess passwords for criminals, as well. 

Now that you know some of the documents criminals want to use against you, you can better understand what needs to be saved in the safety of your home until it can be shredded. Hiring a shredding service, such as Document Demolition LLC, is the best way to take care of this. They can collect all of this from your home, shred it, and then recycle it, leaving you with very little work to do yourself.