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Three Reasons Why Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring Is A Good Choice

by Matthew Fields

When you're looking at various types of hardwood flooring to have installed in the custom home that you're having built, you may occasionally see the term "reclaimed." Although different manufacturers and vendors can use this term slightly differently, it generally means that the wood came from another source — in many cases, the manufacturer will have procured wood from old buildings, milled it into floor-appropriate pieces, and will be selling it to homeowners. Reclaimed hardwood is highly desirable to many people, and it's something that you may wish to consider for your next flooring project. Here are three reasons why this type of hardwood flooring is a good choice:

It Often Looks Unique

As you browse conventional hardwood flooring, you may find that much of it looks the same. While hardwood flooring comes in many colors and widths, you may find that some of them look familiar — perhaps because your family members or friends have this type of flooring in their homes. When you shift your attention to reclaimed hardwood flooring, however, you'll often notice that it looks unique. Due in part of the age of the wood and its exposure to the air over decades of use, reclaimed hardwood can have an appearance that you don't commonly get from other hardwood floorings.

It's Environmentally Responsible

One of the nice things about buying reclaimed hardwood flooring is that doing so is environmentally responsible. To produce this flooring, the manufacturer isn't cutting down any trees. Instead, the company is using wood that has already been produced, albeit for a different use. This means that your hardwood purchase isn't contributing to the degradation of the country's forests, which can make you feel satisfied with taking this approach with your flooring — especially if you're someone who cares deeply about the environment.

It's A Conversation Piece

When you have friends or family over to your home, you'll occasionally find yourself looking for things to discuss. This is especially the case with new friends. Reclaimed hardwood flooring can be a good conversation starter. Because this type of flooring has a unique appearance, many visitors to your home will actually comment on the flooring and compliment it. You can then tell the person about the history of the flooring; when you buy reclaimed flooring, you'll commonly be told the exact building or location from which the flooring was derived, and this can make for an interesting story to share with your guests.

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