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Basement Windows And Waterproofing Solutions For Light Without Water

by Matthew Fields

The windows in your basement are important, especially if you are planning on finishing your basement. All windows in your home must meet egress requirements, which means that areas like bedroom must have larger, accessible windows for fire and emergency escape routes. There is also the issue of waterproofing and drainage when you need more windows. Here are some of the things to consider for the needs of windows and waterproofing in your basement finishing project:

1. Checking Existing Windows to Make Sure They Meet Code

First, the windows in your basement have to be brought up to standards of modern building codes when you remodel. The modern codes require a certain amount of windows for the floor space in area. In addition, the windows in areas like bedrooms have to be egress, which are windows that someone can escape from in an emergency. Anywhere you have a bedroom needs to have a window or you will need to have a new window installed.

2. Remodeling Exterior Walls to Add Windows That Are Needed in Bedrooms

If you are planning to add windows to exterior walls where there are none, you will probably need to do remodeling. First, an opening will need to be cut in the wall and framing done. This is a pretty simple project, but you will want to have the help of a professional window installation contractor. The windows on exterior walls are beneath structural loads, so the support above them needs to be adequate to carry the load. This is different than doors and openings inside a basement, where the walls are often partitions that do not support loads.

3. Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions for Windows That Sit Below Grade

Sometimes, the windows you have installed to finish your basement may need to sit below the grade level. You will need to have the concrete or masonry cut and retention walls built around the outside of the windows to bring them above the grade level. In addition, when you do the retaining walls outside of the window, you will also need to install a drainage system to protect your basement from water getting in around the window.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider for windows and waterproofing in your basement finishing project. If you need help with some of these improvements to your basement, contact a window installation contractor such as Robert G Miller Inc. to help ensure your basement windows are safe from flooding and other disasters that may strike.