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Worried Burglars Will Break The Glass Around Your Home To Get In? What To Know

by Matthew Fields

If you worry that your house will be targeted by thieves and intruders and you have concerns about your residential glass and windows, there are important things you'll want to take into consideration. You can make your home more private and the glass more durable by changing some of the glass and the windows.

There are a lot of strong and secure glass items you can have installed in your home. Talk with a local residential glass supplier about making the following changes or visit a website like for more information.

Privacy Tinting

You can tint the windows so they still allow in natural light that warms up the space, but that makes it difficult to see in the house easily, especially at night. This tint will also work to your advantage when it comes to reducing cooling expenses. The tint keeps UV rays out and prevents the property from getting warmed or damaged from the sun. You can get more tinting on the first level if that's your main concern for privacy or just in certain areas of the house. The tint can also help prevent the window from shattering if someone attempts to break the glass.

Shatter-Proof Options

If you worry someone will break the glass around your door and then be able to access the padlock, door lock, or door handle, look into shatter-proof glass around the door. This can stop someone from breaking in this way, and you may want it for sliding glass doors or windows that you think may be targeted by an intruder because of their location. These are ideal on main level windows, so if someone tries to break the window to crawl in, they can't do any damage. The thickness of the glass will greatly affect the cost of the windows or glass replacement.

If you worry people look in the windows when you are or aren't home and that they are targeting your windows for a way in your house, it's time to make a change. Be sure to keep the blinds or curtains drawn when you are home if you don't want people to see what you have or what you are doing, and also be sure to talk with a security professional about getting a system installed for the property. The glass in your home doesn't have to be vulnerable to a break-in and to be damaged by someone who wants to do the house or you harm.