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3 Beautiful Ideas For Using Decorative Rock In Your Yard

by Matthew Fields

Landscaping your yard shouldn't consist of just plant life. The hardscaping you choose has a significant impact on your yard's look as well. Rock is an easy, environmentally friendly method of adding beauty with hardscaping. Utilize decorative rock to complement the landscaping in your yard.

Rock Garden

Perhaps the most obvious method for utilizing decorative rock is to create a rock garden. For this project, start with an odd number of large stones. If you have the space, you could even add boulders. Choose a sunny spot, and build up a small mound before placing your large rocks. Home and Garden TV even suggests covering a mound of rubble with inverted sod for good drainage. Try to make them look like an artful disarray, as if the stones just happened to land there with their best sides facing up. Add smaller rocks and gravel to fill in the spaces. Choose hardy, drought-resistant plants to tuck into the crevices. Bellflowers, catchfly flowers, sedum, and any wildflowers should thrive in your rock garden.

Decorative Gravel

On the flip side, rather than have the stones be the centerpiece of your garden, they can serve as the complement. You can replace your mulch with decorative rocks. For this project, look for river run gravel, which consists of rocks naturally rounded by water. These can be fair-sized stones or fine pea gravel. Consider coloration as well. For instance, black lava rocks can be chic in a modern yard, but warm-hued beach pebbles might be more appropriate to add a splash of color. You can use white marble chips for a touch of sophistication. Consider also the foliage of the plants your gravel is surrounding. Use the stones to call attention to the color of the plants by choosing complementary hues. You can also play up texture by choosing fine gravel to surround large-leaved plants and vice versa.

Stacked Stone Wall

Just because stone is decorative doesn't mean it can't also serve a purpose. This is true when you consider adding a stacked stone wall to your yard. Such a wall can even be engineered as a retaining wall for a sloped yard. However, you can also use it as a planting bed border. For this project, contractors select flat stones in the same basic size and create artful stacks. These stacks maintain their shape so well that you can mound dirt behind them for a pretty bed of flowers. As with the decorative gravel, pay attention to how the colors complement the rest of your landscaping and overall yard.

Let decorative rocks serve as a solid, but beautiful foundation for your landscaping. For more information, contact local professionals like A & A Materials.