Fire Recovery Realities

Patch A Small Crack In An Outside Waterline

by Matthew Fields

If there is a small crack in an outside waterline that is attached to a spigot, use the following steps to patch it. Once the products that you have applied have dried, you can use the faucet in a normal manner until you are able to have the line replaced or repaired by a plumber. 

Materials Needed

  • sponge
  • detergent 
  • bucket of water
  • sandpaper
  • hand sander
  • lint-free towel
  • waterproof epoxy putty
  • putty knife
  • waterproof tape (designed for use on plumbing)
  • scissors

Clean, Sand, And Dry The Line's Exterior

Shut off the water supply at the main valve. Use a sponge that has been dipped into a bucket of soapy water to remove hardened residue from the waterline's exterior. Afterwards, dry the line off with a lint-free towel. Slightly rough up the plumbing line's exterior with a piece of coarse grit paper that has been secured to a hand sanding tool. The slightly abrasive surface of the waterline will help the waterproof epoxy putty adhere the proper way in the next step.

Cover The Crack With A Layer Of Putty And Tape

Knead a ball of waterproof epoxy putty between your hands for several minutes. Form the ball into a flattened disc that is large enough to cover the crack in the plumbing line. Press the putty against the damaged section. Use a putty knife to smooth out the edges of the putty. Wait for the epoxy putty to harden. Afterwards, soak a roll of waterproof tape that is designed to be used on plumbing materials in a bucket of water.

Remove the tape from the water and lightly squeeze the roll to remove excess moisture. Pull the edge of the tape away from the roll. Line the tape up over the putty and apply an even layer of it directly over it. If there is any putty showing through after one layer of tape has been added, apply a second layer of tape. Use a pair of scissors to trim the tape.

Wait for the tape to dry thoroughly. Once this occurs, turn the water supply on. Turn the water spigot on in order to determine if the crack in the waterline has been repaired properly. As long as water does not drip from the plumbing line, the epoxy putty and tape were added the correct way and will make it possible for you to use the outdoor plumbing whenever you would like.