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What You Need To Know About Undermount Sinks

by Matthew Fields

A growing trend in homes is to have sinks that are mounted underneath the countertops rather than on top of them like standard sinks. Not only are undermount sinks beautiful, but they are functional too. The question is – how do you know if undermount sinks are right for you? Learning more about them can certainly help you decide.

Are There Any Requirements Before Installing? 

Undermount sinks most often are installed in homes that have natural stone or wooden countertops. The main reasoning for this is because the way these sinks are installed – with high grade adhesives and caulking – the countertop must be durable enough to bear the weight of the sink. Standard counters cannot handle the strain on the edges. Other reasons for having undermount sinks with natural countertops is so the edges of the countertops can be exposed to show clean lines. This type of sink also gives you additional counterspace.

A professional should be hired to install your undermount sink to ensure it fits right and to make sure the sealant and caulking is done properly. If the sink is not properly fitted, sealed, or caulked, it can cause leaking that can damage the countertops and cabinets. In most cases, the undermount sink installer can have the sink installed in less than an hour.  

Are There Any Health Benefits to Having Undermount Sinks?

Since undermount sinks are located underneath the countertops, there isn't a lip that overhangs on top of the counter. The majority of homes come standard with over mount sinks due to them being cheaper and easier to install. However, it has been found that the lip that holds standard sinks in place also can pose a health risk to the people living in the home.

This lip creates a perfect breeding ground for germs and mold particles to thrive. Moisture and miniscule particles of food get pushed under this ledge while the kitchen is being cleaned without most homeowners being aware. With undermount sinks, the countertop overlaps into the sink, making it so that whoever wipes the counters can sweep crumbs right into the sink, eliminating the chances of bacteria growth.

The benefits of undermount sinks make the decision of having one installed seem obvious. The homeowner only needs to make sure the quality of their counters are adequate enough to withstand the weight it will have to endure and that there is a budget to afford the slightly more expensive sink in the first place.

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