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Implementing Stylish Color Schemes For Your Living Room

by Matthew Fields

Your living room is one of the most public areas in your home. It's probably where you take guests, and it may even be the first room people see after entering your house. As such, you want the living room to make a good impression on visitors. Implement a stylish color scheme so your living room offers a cohesive look.

Pick the Color Scheme

The first step in utilizing cohesive tones in your living room is choosing an overarching color scheme. One option is to choose a palette based on a pattern, say from a rug, set of cushions or wallpaper. Another option is to go with a designer color scheme. For example, Better Homes and Gardens describes a designer palette inspired by seaglass – off-white and sea green accented with two shades of blue and a rich light yellow. You could also go with a classic palette, too, such as Cape Cod – a foundation of white and navy blue accented with red and raffia.

Choose the Foundation Color

Typically, the neutral tone is the foundation color. For example, if you were using the designer palette, off-white would be the color you use for the walls. It's also possible to start with classic white and use the color palette purely as accenting. However, another option is to use a warm color from the scheme as your wall color. For example, instead of the off-white from the designer palette, you could utilize the light yellow. Choosing a warm color naturally warms up your room. However, you'll want to use the neutral color liberally in other areas, such as the furniture or carpeting.

Set the Stage for Color

As intimated above, your first step is going to be painting the walls with the foundation color. You have options even here. For example, if you want the classic Cape Cod but with a modern twist, consider going big with the accent color of red. Paint all but one wall white – the focus wall will be red. Alternatively, consider painting the ceiling with an accent color. If you're using wallpaper, choose how to give it the greatest impact. Perhaps just one wall gets papered, or you do half-wall papering.

Pull the Colors Through

Once you've set the stage, pull the color scheme through the rest of the living room. If you chose a non-neutral color for the walls, big areas if the décor should show the neutral hue, and vice versa. Either way, be deliberate in your choice of accent pieces. Cushions, rugs, curtains and objets d'art should all fall within your color scheme. Once you've placed your accent pieces, stand back and observe the look – you may have to do some re-decorating to get the desired effect.

Create an inviting and stylish living room with a well-implemented color scheme. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Stetson Painting.