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Scaffolding And Do It Yourself Home Improvement Projects

by Matthew Fields

While much of home renovation projects and updates are left to the professionals, there are also plenty of do-it-yourself projects that homeowners can tackle. Many of these projects require tools that are found around the house. Other projects may involve the need to rent specialty tools. Scaffolding is something that most people associate with construction sites. However, there are plenty of times where scaffolding can really help a home improvement project along. Here are three examples of when it may be a good idea to rent scaffolding.


Painting is a big part of many home improvement projects. New paint can change the entire look of a home. While much of the painting can be done with feet planted firmly on the ground, some height is needed for hard to reach spaces. Ladders are often used for this purpose. However, for rooms with high ceilings or the exterior of homes with multiple stories, scaffolding is a must. The ability to reach these areas is worth the cost of scaffolding. Renting scaffolding usually costs somewhere between $15 to $50 per day or $40 to $150 per week. The stable surface of scaffolding makes it much easier to paint hard to reach areas with a steady hand. 

Window Replacement

Replacing windows is pricey, even when done as a do-it-yourself project. The average national cost is around $4,750. With so much money on the line it's important to put the new ones in place without damaging them. This is less of a challenge on the lower levels of the home where windows are easily reached. However, for windows that are higher up or on the second level of the home, a stable surface is hard to come by. This is where scaffolding comes in. Scaffolding provides the stable surface needed to put the windows in place.

Roof Work

Full roof replacement is something that is best left to the professionals. That being said, minor roof repairs are something that many homeowners can tackle themselves. Fixing loose shingles, trim, and out of shape gutters is as simple as getting access to the roof and repairing the damage. Scaffolding can make this process much easier and safer. The main benefit is that scaffolding provides the flat, stable surface needed for doing work on the roof. This is especially important with steep roofing.

While scaffolding may seem like something that is only used by professionals, it also has many uses for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Scaffolding is something any homeowner who is painting, doing roof work, or replacing windows should consider. Contact a business, such as All Star Equipment Rental & Sales, Inc., for information about scaffolding.