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Learn How To Repair Your Window Screen With Screen Repair Tape

by Matthew Fields

If you have noticed that one of the screens on your windows has a cut in it, do not run to the store to buy a screen to replace it. It is possible to repair a damaged window screen with screen repair tape. The guide below walks you through the process of repairing a window screen quickly and easily.

Remove the Screen from the Window

The first thing you need to do to repair your window screen is to remove the screen from the window. Climb on a ladder until you can reach the screen with ease. There will be small tabs on the sides of the screen that hold it in place. You need to turn the tabs toward the sides of the window to release the screen. Pull the screen from the window and carefully lower it to the ground.

Trim the Damaged Area of the Screen

Use a pair of strong scissors to trip the areas that are damaged on the screen. You want to create as smooth of a surface as you can so that you can have an even finish when you are done.

Clean the Window Screen

Next, you will need to clean the window screen before you can repair it so that the tape can stick firmly to the screen. Use a hard-bristle brush to scrub dirt and debris loose from the screen. Then rinse away everything you rubbed loose on the screen. If you notice that some things are still stuck on the screen, scrub the area again with the bristle brush until the debris is removed.

Attach the Tape to Both Sides of the Screen

One side of the screen repair tape will be sticky and one side will not be. Pull the tape from the roll to the exact length that you need it to be and use strong scissors to cut it. Press the tape against the screen until all edges grip firmly to the screen. Flip the screen over and repeat the same process with the other side of the damaged area.

Rehang the Screen

Once damage is repaired, climb back up the ladder and place the screen into the frame. Twist the locking tabs and lock the screen in place.

Once you have finished repairing the screen, it should work as well as any new screen would work. The tape is safe to use on any window screen and on screen doors that are damaged, as well.