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Water Your Way To A Lush, Green Landscape And Yard

by Matthew Fields

If you want a lush, green yard, you must water it consistently. This is not as simple as turning on the hose once in a while, and in fact, the way that you are watering your lawn could be impeding its growth and appearance. Keep a few things in mind when you go out to water your lawn and garden, and consider ways that you may improve the health and beauty of your own landscaping.

A lush lawn may require you to consider the following points:

Water conservation.

A great way to cut down on the amount of water you have to give to shrubs, trees, or gardens is to cover them with bark mulch. This conserves water and can cut down on overall time spent watering outside.

Time of day.

The time of day that you water is an important aspect of keeping your lawn lush and green. It is best to water early in the day, so that the roots can soak up and evaporate the water by nightfall. Furthermore, it is best to water infrequently, but soak the lawn, plants, and roots deeply with the water.

Sprinkler set-up.

Sprinklers are probably the easiest way to soak your lawn and conserve labor during watering. There are many different shapes and sizes, each working best for distinct plants or purposes. For example:

  • Rotating sprinklers cover a round area with an adjustable water pressure option.
  • Oscillating sprinklers utilize a horizontal arm to create a spray that is rectangular in shape. These are a very popular sprinkler for yards and gardens of all sizes.
  • Standing sprinklers have the capacity to focus the water on one area without moving, and these work well in small beds or odd-shaped backyards.
  • Impact sprinklers focus a single stream directly, and this is often found in small beds or around shrubs.
  • Traveling sprinklers are best for large lawns and long garden beds. The sprinkler travels the length of the hose, dispersing water over a vast area.

Some final words about sprinklers:

  • Sprinklers are also a great way to keep the dust down at new construction or building sites, before lawn or foliage have been planted.
  • Invest in sprinklers with timing devices, and utility costs may go down when it comes to water consumption.
  • Round sprinklers are not the most efficient for watering lawns or yards; these are more suited for kids to run through on a hot day.
  • Don't skimp when it comes to buying a hose to water your yard or hook-up to your sprinkler. A heavy-duty, non-kinking hose will be a much better investment in the long run than a cheap alternative that requires frequent replacement.

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