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Bring Aesthetic Appeal To Asphalt With Some Decorating Ideas

by Matthew Fields

If you have asphalt around your home or property, you already know the many benefits of this surfacing material. Furthermore, the black color often complements and enhances the looks of your house or building. id you know that there are some ways to give it a unique look and bit of flair? There are some practical ways that you can make your asphalt spaces distinctive, without compromising their utility.

Some ways to dress-up and optimize the asphalt spaces around your home or property include:

Stamp it. Did you know that you can stamp asphalt? This opens up opportunities to create cool, customized entrances, patios, and drives around your home or business.

Use foliage borders. Create linear aesthetics by bordering your paved spaces with plants and foliage. These make an attractive display against the solid black pavement.

Create a labyrinth. If you have a paved space that doesn't seem to be getting much attention, add a winding labyrinth to the surface of the pavement. This is merely a path that leads around and around until reaching the center spot. These are supposed to be helpful in focusing on something or solving a problem.

Paint it. Use special paint from a home improvement store that is recommended for asphalt. Create a unique mural, pattern, or border with paint colors that complement the rest of your property.

Give it some tread. Another good idea is to create a tread on the pavement, which offers traction and a good grip to anyone walking on it. This is something that you can do when you initially pave or re-pave the area, and talk with paving contractors about different aggregates to create a good tread.

Make a mosaics. You can come up with some really beautiful mosaic patterns and designs that will complement the asphalt around your property. This can involve setting tile, stone, or another decorative accent in the asphalt when it has been recently paved. You may also use concrete to edge the asphalt and design a mosaic border to add to your paved space.

Give your asphalt a bit of style and pizzazz with one of these simple ideas. Whether you are dressing up the driveway outside your home, or attempting to make your paved path a bit more inviting for customers, try something that will give it a distinctive look. Talk with professionals like those at Phend & Brown about options for the asphalt outside and around your property that fit your needs and your budget.