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Three Types Of Specialty Tools For Electricians

by Matthew Fields

Electricians need specialty tools that help get wiring projects done safely and efficiently. Outfitting your electrician's toolbox with the right specialty tools can make it easy to handle jobs both big and small. Here are just a few tools you should consider adding to your toolkit. 

Wire Pulling Tools

Pulling wire can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Universal wire pulling tools make it easy to pull wires into an outlet box. They typically have built-in rollers that ease the wires through without stripping the protective coating. The universal design means these tools will work with virtually any outlet box you come across. This handy type of tool also lets you pull wires without the help of a second person, which lets you charge lower labor fees for your clients.

Cable Benders

Cable benders let you shape large bundles of cable to fit the angles and corners in panels without damaging the wires. These large bundles can be difficult to shape by hand, and cable benders make it easier to select the correct angle for each bundle of wires to fit neatly in any box. You can find battery-operated and manual benders in a range of sizes. It's a good idea to have a few different benders available to meet the needs of different wiring jobs so you don't get stuck trying to adjust a cable by hand.

Wire Management Caddies And Dollies

For construction or rewiring jobs, you may need access to several different spools of wire. Individual spools can be heavy and difficult to move from one area of the site to the next. Wire management caddies and dollies organize and store your spools on dowel rods, so you can access each type of wire with ease. These caddies come with durable wheels and handles, which let you roll the device throughout the building. You can find these specialty tools in a range of sizes that let you bring along the right amount of wire and cable for commercial or residential jobs. When you are done with a wiring job, the caddie can be stored in your shop without having to unload all the cables.

There is a wide range of specialty tools available for electricians. From tools that let you bend and pull wire to organizational tools that keep your wires ready for use, there is a tool for every job and need. Take some time to review your tool collection to see what is missing, and consider adding some of these handy helpers to make your wiring jobs easier. Contact a local outlet, such as Bourget Bros Building Materials, for further assistance.