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How To Add Privacy To Your Home Without Taking Away The Light To Your Patio Doors

by Matthew Fields

Patio doors are a wonderful addition to your home. They help add curb appeal and allow a lot of extra natural lighting into your home. That beautiful patio door adds another thing to your home as well--lack of privacy. If you live in the middle of nowhere, without any neighbors anywhere around you, privacy may not be a concern of yours. If you have neighbors around you, though, you may want a little more privacy. See below for ways to add privacy to your patio doors.


You can add curtains around your patio doors. This actually gives a nice decorative element, no matter where your patio doors are located in your home. To keep the beauty of your patio doors, install the curtain rod at least 6 inches over the door casing. Keep the curtains opened wide as well, so you still have a full view of the patio doors during the day to let light in. At night you can close the curtains for privacy.

Roman Shades

Add roman shades to your patio doors that can be pulled down in the evening. Keep them pulled up high during the day. Roman shades can be made of bamboo wood, or a fabric color to match the decor of the room.

Blinds Or Shutters

Use faux wood plantation blinds that you can install yourself. Pull them up or down depending on the time of day, or simply open and close them to control the lighting. The faux wood looks expensive, but is fairly inexpensive. You can also add accordion plantation shutters that can be opened and closed easily to cover your patio doors. They look like window shutters, but are actually a separate door that covers your patio doors. Another track and casing would need to be added to your door frame. This is a more expensive option, but definitely a nice one.

Frosted Glass

Create the look of frosted glass on your patio doors to give your home privacy. Do this yourself by using contact paper. You can cut your contact paper to size to cover the glass of your patio doors, or create shapes laid out in a pattern using a template. Trace the shapes on the contact paper and cut them with scissors. After you have cleaned the glass with a lint free cloth, apply the contact paper to the glass. Use a squeegee to get any bubbles out of the contact paper. This is a nice way to add privacy without adding anything permanent to your glass or doors. The contact paper can be easily removed.

Adding privacy to your patio doors can be done in a number of ways. It depends on your style, decor and privacy needs. Contact a company like Fas Windows and Doors for more help.