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How To Add Insulation To Windows

by Matthew Fields

As windows age, they will inevitably become less energy efficient. This is why so many people invest in replacement windows. However, you do not need to buy brand new windows in order to make your property more energy efficient. If you have wooden windows, you can add insulation to reseal them. This article will explain how to add insulation to the inside of your wooden window casings.

What You Need for the Job

To complete this job you will just need a few basic tools. First, you will need a cordless power drill with a half inch bit. You will also need spray-in foam insulation and wood putty. To finish off the job, you will need a sanding sponge and the matching touch up paint or stain.

Adding Insulation

The frame around the inside of your door and window casing is usually hollow.  By drilling a hole straight into the casing you can easily access the cavity. First, drill two holes on the vertical casings: one at the very top and one at the bottom. Then, drill holes every 12" along the horizontal pieces of casing.

You can spray the foam insulation directly into the holes until it start to come out of the next hole. Obviously, start at the top hole first so the insulation can fall into place. Make sure that you don't use expanding foam or it could warp the casing.

You can buy cheap, small cans of pressurized foam from most home improvement stores. However, these cans don't last very long. You can buy insulation powder that just needs to be mixed with water. However, you will need a pneumatic spray gun and sprayer to use it. You can mix large batches that will last much longer than the spray cans.

Filling the Holes

Once the foam is inside the casing, you can patch the holes to reseal them. Spread the putty with a putty knife and then wait for it to dry before sanding it down. Using a sponge sander is the best way sand between the grooves and curves of the decorative casing. Now, all you have to do is repaint or stain your casing. It is probably easiest to just restain the entire frame so you don't have matching problems.

This simple upgrade can dramatically increase the insulation of your windows. It is an effective and cheap project that you can do on your own schedule. You will instantly start to notice improved heat retention in your home. For more tips about windows, contact a company like Fary W. T. Bros Lumber Co.