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Three Situations Where You Should Use Chain Link Fence Panels Instead Of A Silt Fence At Your Construction Site

by Matthew Fields

A short but long silt fence made of synthetic fabric is the ideal choice for a construction site that's surrounded by fragile soil that needs to be protected from erosion. However, there are many possible factors that could make larger and sturdier chain link fence panels supported by metal stands a better idea for you. When you're deciding whether you want to use chain link fence panels from places like A & R Rent-A-Fence instead of a silt fence at your construction site, look over these three situations where you should.

The Ground Is Already Protected From Erosion By Tree Roots

While some ground is very soft and vulnerable, even ground that's made of a very brittle type of soil can be secure if it's surrounded by plenty of tree roots. Chain link fence panels are also a good idea here because they can be set up in a zigzag fashion to avoid tree trunks more easily than silt fence posts can.

However, the trees around the fragile soil can't be so tiny that their roots aren't extensive enough to affect anything. In general, if the trees aren't large enough to attract a fair amount of insects and other animals like squirrels, you should be suspicious of their ability to frame and protect soil.

You're Expecting Serious And Windy Weather Like A Thunderstorm

While silt fences are relatively cheap, they're too short and flimsy to stand for long in extreme and windy weather like a thunderstorm. If your construction project is going to go on for a very long time and you can't predict all the weather events that will happen before the end, it's better to rent slightly more expensive chain link fence panels because of their ability to sustain more punishment.

When you're specifically worried about weather, make sure you get the heaviest metal fence panel stands that you can. Panels with low widths combined with large fence panel stands will be extremely resilient to forceful weather.

You're Stockpiling A Lot Of Valuable Construction Equipment At The Site

Both tools and commodities like wood will be vulnerable to thieves if you leave them at the construction site in between working sessions. While a silt metal fence doesn't offer much deterrence because almost anyone can simply step over it, tall chain link fence panels are significantly more difficult to scale.

For extra security, you can also get a gate panel that will connect with the rest of your chain link fence in the same way that an ordinary panel would. Additionally, if you can't stop thinking about security, it's much easier to set up a camera or movement sensor on a piece of metal than a silt fence's wooden posts.