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Ever Wish You Could Have A Bit More Privacy? Try Switchable Glass

by Matthew Fields

If you find yourself wishing you had a bit of privacy in an area that has windows or dividers, an easy way to take care of the situation is to have switchable glass installed. This glass can be changed from transparent to opaque as you wish. It not only stops the light from the sun, but also the heat, keeping the area cool. Here are just a few ways to enjoy a bit more privacy with switchable glass.

Conference Rooms and Private Work Areas

Create a private conference room in a large open office without making the area appear smaller. Section off a portion of the room with switchable glass walls. When you need privacy, set the glass walls to opaque. Once the meeting is over, switch them back to transparent. An added benefit of having the walls of the conference room made with switchable glass is that it can be used as a screen for a high definition projector or computer. It can also be used as a white board for creating presentations.

Instead of using fabric or wooden cubicle partitions, have cubicles made with switchable glass. This allows workers to make the walls of their cubicles an opaque white when they are busy and do not want to be disturbed, but also allows them to have an area that appears large and more open when the glass is clear.

Patios or Sun Rooms

If you have a glass enclosed porch, patio or sun room but at times wish the neighbors could not see into it, use switchable glass. Reduce the heat from the sun to the area while you enjoy yourself without having to worry about your neighbors watching. The clear glass will appear heavily frosted, and no one will be able to see through them.

Recreational Vehicles

Instead of having tinted window film put on the glass in your RV, go with switchable glass. Change the windows to the degree of opaqueness that makes it comfortable on your eyes while driving down the highway. If you want to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon, change the transparent glass to opaque in the sleeping area only. Anyone in the front of the vehicle can still have a clear view of the countryside.

Switchable glass is better than having normal tinting film applied to the glass because you control the level of opaqueness. It also does not darken the area, but gives it a frosted appearance. Contact a professional glass company, like Sound Glass Sales, Inc., to discuss your installation options.