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Preparing For A Bathroom Remodel? Here's 2 Tips To Help Along The Way

by Matthew Fields

Regardless of whether you have a small bathroom or a large one, the right lighting can make all the difference in your space. Bathrooms are a place where you can go and relax in your tub and whisk the cares of the day away. By incorporating a blend of light into your space, you can create the perfect mood and accentuate all of the delicate features of your space. To help make your space visually appealing, try incorporating the tips below into your bathroom remodel.

Eliminate vanity shadows.

Think back to when you were young and you used to put a flashlight up to your face in an attempt to make a scary face. That's not the look you want when trying to put your makeup on in the morning. Imagine trying to do your hair or shave with a bunch of shadows bouncing all around your face. The end result isn't going to be what you hoped for.

Many individuals attempt to light their space using a light mounted right above the mirror and shining down toward the sink. What you get is that look that you don't want. You end up looking far older than what you truly are. Your forehead is lit up and a shadow overtakes your face. Who wants to look years older than what they are when they first wake up in the morning?

The best way to give your bathroom the light you desire is by placing a light on either side of the mirror. By placing the lights in line with where your eyes are, you create a sense of illumination, without the shadows. A 40-watt lightbulb is often ideal for the vanity. Too much light washes out your face.

Spruce up the tub.

While many people don't think about it, an accent light strategically placed over your bathtub will give the space a warm glow and a touch of class. It adds a tremendous amount of elegance to your space, without having to spend a lot of money in the process. This gives you the chance to showcase your creative side by choosing a mini chandelier or accent light that stands out in your newly remodeled space.

Remodeling your bathroom should be a fun and exciting experience. It gives you the chance to turn your otherwise boring bathroom into a haven where you can go and relax to wash your cares away. 

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