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Options For Sealcoating Your New Commercial Parking Lot

by Matthew Fields

When you invest in a commercial property, one of the first things you should do in your renovation is have the parking lot maintained. With the right sealcoating treatment, you can protect the parking area and make it look great, all without the investment of having to repave the space entirely. Here are a few sealcoating options to consider for your new parking area.


The process of sand sealing includes applying a layer of asphalt emulsion to the top of the parking area, then spreading a layer of sand granules over the top. Once the sand is evenly distributed, you can compact it into the soft emulsion using a roller.

If the asphalt is older and slightly weathered, but only has some surface cracking, this is a good way to patch things up. The sand and the fresh layer of asphalt emulsion will settle into the surface cracks, creating a smooth and flawless finish over the area. The sand will also add some texture and traction on the asphalt surface, which may protect your customers against slipping.


A fog sealing method relies on a diluted form of asphalt emulsion which is spread over the pavement in thin layers. It's best used on an asphalt surface that's dinged and rough, because the thin emulsion will help fill the crevices and smooth things out. It's a good choice for waterproofing because of how evenly it spreads, but since it goes on thin, you'll need to retreat the parking area annually or every two years for the best results.

If the asphalt surface is still smooth, you won't want to use this type of sealcoating. Since the emulsion is diluted, it can create a slippery surface area if it's applied to an already-smooth surface. If you're concerned that you'll have this problem, you can avoid it by adding a textural element like gravel chips or something similar. Just distribute them evenly across the surface before the emulsion cures and press them into place.

These are two common choices for touch-up sealing. If you're looking to give your parking area a whole new look you may want to talk to a paving contractor about a fresh paving job. In either case, you'll also want to have the parking area striped again once you've finished your sealing or patch repairs. The striping is an essential final component, because it redefines your parking spaces and the boundaries of the lot for your customers.

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