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Keep The Bamboo Floors In Your Apartment Shining With These Tips

by Matthew Fields

If there is bamboo flooring in your apartment, it's important that you set aside some time to get familiar with how to properly care for the floors. While bamboo flooring can look beautiful and is quite durable, you'll need to understand the proper maintenance required due to their difference from other wood floors. With the tips below, maintaining and cleaning your bamboo floors will be simple.

Avoid Most Cleaning Solutions

Too much moisture can cause warping and other problems with bamboo floors, making it a good idea to avoid most cleaning solutions. Instead of pouring on any water-based cleaning solutions, you'll want to make sure to spray lightly at the floors and mop up any moisture as quickly as possible. When the moisture is left to sit, the bamboo floors can quickly become damaged and can become even more of a problem if you use harsh cleaners.

Stick with Dry Dusting

The easiest way to clean your bamboo floors are with dry dusting. Using a vacuum with gentle bare floor settings or simply removing debris with routine sweeping is recommended.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

Since moisture is a major concern when it comes to bamboo floors, it's a good idea to purchase a dehumidifier that you can set up in the main living area of the apartment. This will help suck up moisture from the air and protect your floors as a result. You also have the option of buying a portable dehumidifier so that you can move it as needed.

Use Rugs and Doormats

An easy way to protect the bamboo flooring in your apartment is by lining any high-traffic areas with rugs. Placing a mat near any entry doors and using rugs in the areas that are used the most can help protect the flooring from damage.

Protect the Floors from Your Furniture

Another way that your bamboo floors may be damaged in an apartment is by furniture scraping against them. A good way to combat this is by adding felt pads to the legs of chairs and sofas. This can be done on your own and can help reduce the risk of any scratching to the floors.

In order for the bamboo floors in your apartment to stay in great condition, you'll need to become familiar with what kind of maintenance is expected. By reducing any moisture and relying on dry cleaning, you'll be able to keep the floors in great shape and won't cause any damages in your apartment. 

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