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Moisture Madness | 3 Hidden Issues Your Wet Basement Will Cause For Your Home

by Matthew Fields

You say it is just a basement; a place for extra storage that really does not matter to you and your home at all. After all, you can close the door and not visit the damp and dull space unless you just have to, which may not be very often. As easy as it may be to close the door on a wet basement and keep it out of mind, you may want to think twice before simply ignoring the problem. Basement waterproofing could prove to be a beneficial step for you to take as a homeowner for three very important reasons.

Your Wet Basement Can Ruin the Foundation of Your Home

You may be looking at the basement as the the foundation of your home in itself. While it is true that the basement is part of your home's foundation, but the home above is actually supported by heavy beams and a sturdy wooden structure. Exposure to water over time that is radiating its way up through your home could easily cause foundation issues, such as water damage and rot.

Your Wet Basement Could Harbor Hidden Pests

If you were to grab a magnifying glass and take a real close look at the walls, flooring, and other things in your basement, there is a good chance that waterproofing would become extremely important to you. Damp, dark areas can harbor all kinds of hidden pests and critters from spiders to cockroaches. The continuous access to water will make your basement an ideal place to thrive.

Your Wet Basement Will Compromise the Value of Your House

Just imagine what it would be like to walk into a pristine home shown by a real estate agent and discover that the basement is full of water. Would you be interested in buying the home in spite of this fact? If you are like the majority of people, the answer would easily be no. The simple fact of the matter is, a wet basement means that your home is not worth as much as it could be. Potential buyers will steer clear of a home with problems, especially water problems. Plus, the costs of basement waterproofing before putting your home on the market would easily be offset by the chance to ask a higher price for your home.

When it comes down to it, that wet basement you have in your home is in desperate need of your attention. It is crucial for you to seek the help of professional basement waterproofing agent to restore the area to its rightful existence as a functional part of your home. Talk to experts like Central Penn Waterproofing for more information.