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Answering Pressing Questions Concerning Customer Care During Commercial Roofing

by Matthew Fields

Any time there is construction work taking place on a commercial building it directly affects the customers just as much as the store owner. To make your customers happy you have to make sure you know how to make this project as seamless as possible. Here are a few of the top questions concerning keeping them content during a roofing project:

Is it best to alert your customers of an upcoming roofing project?

When you have customers that consistently rely on your store and services it is always a good idea to keep them in the loop when it comes to upcoming projects. Hang signs, place flyers, and make announcements, but do whatever you can to get the word out about any changes to expect while the commercial roofing project is in process.

Keep in mind that some customers will be extremely sensitive to loud noises and may want to steer clear of the store for a few days, which makes it even more important to let everyone know.

How can you ensure your customers' vehicles are protected during the project?

A roofing project of any size involves the removal of old material from the top of the building. Workers will strive to ensure all waste is handled with care and placed in receptacles on the ground. But, occasionally you will see some falling debris. If you normally have parking spaces near the building, it is a good idea to block off these areas while work is being tackled on that particular part of the roof.

Will there be any concern of falling debris inside of the store?

Adding new roofing means there will be a lot of disturbance from overhead and can involve some jarring and vibrations inside of the building. Therefore, it would not be uncommon to see more dust and dirt falling from the ceiling during the project. You should take precautions to make sure that anything overhead is appropriately secured or removed before the first day of the project just to make sure everyone stays safe.

When you know how to get your customers prepared for an upcoming roofing project, you will be less likely to see them affected when it does eventually take place. Customer satisfaction is always important and construction on your store is a special circumstance where you will have to be a bit more cautious. Be sure to talk to your roofing contractor about any further concerns you have.

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