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Keeping Your Sprinklers Operating Efficiently

by Matthew Fields

It's a known fact that your lawn needs moisture in order to remain healthy and retain its beautiful green luster. Unless you are fortunate enough to live in an area with a consistently perfect amount of rainfall each year, you have to look for alternative methods of moisture, such as sprinklers. Make certain you understand that simply installing sprinklers and using them isn't always enough to keep your lawn healthy. Properly maintaining your sprinklers is crucial to accomplishing this goal.


It's a good idea to clean your sprinkler heads occasionally, especially if you are using an above ground sprinkler system. Over time, dust, dirt and debris get lodged inside the sprinkler spouts. While this won't prevent the sprinkler from operating, it will have an effect on the amount of water that is projected on to your lawn. Debris limits the amount of water being passed through the sprinkler.

Before long, you may notice brown spots on your lawn due to insufficient saturation. Instead of leaving your sprinklers on for a longer period of time and wasting water, make it a point to clean the sprinkler heads at least twice a year, and more frequently if you live in a dusty climate. Clean the sprinklers by soaking them in a solution of water and mild detergent.

Make Adjustments

It's also a good idea to make adjustments to your sprinklers as necessary. The positioning of your sprinklers needs to change as different obstructions present themselves. For example, say you have a tree in your backyard. During certain parts of the year, the tree isn't as full as it is mid-summer. Once your tree has fully budded, water from your sprinklers won't be able to pass through as easily, preventing your lawn from getting the water it needs.

Additionally, periods of heavy wind also have the potential to move your sprinkler without you being aware of it. Make it a point to check your sprinklers and make any adjustments at least once a month. After your sprinklers have run, walk out into your lawn and look for any dry spots that were generally saturated in the past. Take the time to play around with your sprinklers so that you can bypass any obstructions and deliver the right amount of water to your lawn.

Whether you need assistance determining exactly how much water your lawn needs or how many sprinklers you need to install, a lawn care specialist from a company like Wagner Sod, Landscaping and Irrigation Co., Inc can help answer your questions and ensure your lawn remains healthy.