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Three Tips For Choosing And Designing Effective Vehicle Signs

by Matthew Fields

Advertising when you're on the go is a quick way to spread your company's name around town. Whether you want to place signs on your personal car or brand an entire fleet of company vehicles, choosing the right type of sign and designing it properly is the key to a successful vehicle ad campaign.

Tip #1: Choose the Sign Type

You have several options for vehicle signs. These include:

  • Magnets. Choose door magnets if you want to remove the sign when the vehicle is off-duty, or if you want to avoid damage to a leased fleet vehicle.

  • Door decals. Decals are a semi-permanent option that take a little more time to remove, so only go for decals when the vehicle is to remain branded at all times.

  • Rear window graphics. These full size, full color decals still allow the driver to see through, while turning your rear window into a moving billboard for your company.

  • Car wraps. These are removable and they can protect the paint job underneath. This makes them a winning option if you are willing to a spend a bit extra on your vehicle signs. Wraps allow you to brand your entire vehicle.

When choosing between the options, consider your budget. Magnets and standard decals are lower in cost compared to full rear window graphics and wraps.

Another concern with magnets is they are usually only available is standard sizes. You will have to measure your door to make sure the sign company has a size to fit. Your doors must be made of metal, not fiberglass, for a magnet, otherwise a decal is the better option.

Tip #2: Know Your Vitals

Potential customers on the road only have a few seconds to read your sign, so don't clutter it up with too much information or an overly busy and detailed design. Instead, stick to the key information:

  • Company name

  • Service, if it's not easily discernible from the name and logo

  • Logo

  • Phone number

  • Web address

The name and phone number should be the largest font on the sign, because this is the part your customer will need to notice and remember when they want to contact you. Even with the number printed clearly, most people will remember your name instead. Avoid any fancy fonts that can make it difficult to read. Although they may look cool, it can make it impossible for a potential customer to look you up later.

Tip #3: Go for Color

Although black and white may be less expensive, color is a worthwhile investment. It makes your signs pop so that customers are more likely to take notice.

Go for easy-to-see colors, such as blue, red and purple. Yellow and other lighter colors don't stand out as well, especially on a light colored background. Design your logo in full color, but make sure the phone number and contact details are in bold black. This way, the color logo catches the eye but the vital information is in easy-to-read black print. A light-colored background to the printing also makes the sign easier to read.

Your sign company will need your design in a specific format and resolution, so you will need to verify file recommendations before sending it to print. Many sign suppliers also offer design services, so they can help you come up with something that is sure to catch your potential customers' eyes.