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Three Things That You Will Need To Know When You Have A Private Well For Water Service

by Matthew Fields

If you have a home in a rural area or where the water service does not have lines, you may need to use a private well for clean potable water. The well and water pump on your well needs maintenance and servicing to ensure that the water coming to your home is clean. This can include things like treating the well for bacteria, installing a new pump or installing a filtration system in your home. If you have a private well for your water service, here are three things you will want to know about maintenance and repairs:

1. Different Types Of Well Pumps To Have Installed

There are several types of pumps that you can have installed for the well in your home. If your well is near your home, you may use a submersible pump, which is installed inside the well casing. These pumps have the benefit of being protected from the elements outside and not needing a well house to protect them. If you have a well that is located a distance from your home, you may want to have an above ground well pump installed from a company like Seismic Drilling with a well house to protect your well equipment and store things like well sanitizer.

2. Sanitizing Your Well To Remove Bacteria And Contaminants

Many older homes with wells do not have a water filtration system. These older wells can have bacteria and other contaminants in the well. This is why it is important to sanitize your well regularly like you would do for a swimming pool. You can get well water test kits to test the quality of the water in your well and know when it is time to sanitize your well. Doing this will ensure that the water coming from your well is clean and potable for use in your home.

3. Well Filtration Systems To Reduce Wear To Home Plumbing And Appliances

Sanitizing your well is a great way to prevent things like bacteria from building up in your well. You may also want to have a filtration system installed in your home. This will not only filter the water so it is safe to drink, but it will also remove mineral deposits from the water, which can cause damage to the plumbing and appliances in your home. With a water filtration system, you will also prevent bacteria and contaminants from entering the plumbing in your home.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider about the maintenance and repairs to your water well. If your well needs servicing or repairs, you can contact a well pump service to get the help you need with repairs to your well or pump.