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Ways You Can Save Money On Your Winter Electric Bill

by Matthew Fields

With winter usually comes a rise in our electric bills. That should come as no surprise, since we run our heating units for additional heat, and you need to use your light fixtures more since it gets dark so much earlier. But sometimes your budget may not be prepared for the extra money that's needed to expend on your electric bill. 

There are some ways that you and your family can reduce the use of electricity in your home. Not only will you save money on your electric bill, but you will also help the environment as well. Follow these tips to help save money on your electric bill. 

Saving Electricity

To help save in your home's overall electricity use, choose the following options:

  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs 
  • When washing clothes, use cold water 
  • Unplug all items in your home that are not in use
  • Your home computers should be in standby mode when they are not in use 
  • Your refrigerator should be set to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit 

You may also benefit from researching certain programs that may be available at your local electric company. Some offer certain programs depending upon the amount of electricity your home uses, and also may offer certain rebates for appliances that you purchase.

Other Money and Energy Saving Ideas

There are some steps you can take around your home in order to ensure saving money and energy. 

To start, open all of the curtains on windows facing south to allow the sunlight in. It will naturally light and heat your home. You should close them during the evening to keep the chill out. 

Also, cover windows that produce a draft by using a clear plastic film that will fit inside of your window frames. The plastic film should be sealed to keep the cold air out. Also, consider installing tight-fitting drapes. Check with your local home improvement store to find out about energy-efficient window treatments. 

Purchase a thermostat that will allow you to have more control over the temperature. You'll want to set the thermostat to the lowest point you feel comfortable, and even lower for the times the family is sleeping or gone during the day for school and work. 

Lastly, look to fill leaks. You'll find most of them around your chimney gaps, recessed lighting in ceilings, and even unfinished spaces in closets and behind cupboards. Weatherstrip to seal leaks around the windows and doors.

You can also call in electrical contractors, such as R & R Electric Co Inc, to perform an energy audit to help you find even more ways to save money on your energy use.