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Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing Custom Shower Doors

by Matthew Fields

Shower doors and enclosures comes in a broad variety of sizes, which can be customized to fit your specific bathroom. When choosing the right size and design of shower doors for your bathroom, you probably have some of the same questions that other homeowners have about the process of customizing their shower experience. 

What Types Of Custom Doors Are Available?

When choosing custom shower doors, you have the same choices with other door types as when buying ready-made doors. 

  • Pivot, also known as swing or hinge doors, swing open for easy access to the shower, while giving your bathroom a clean, sophisticated look. 
  • Sliding doors are usually chosen for large baths and showers. These doors overlap and slide open in a smooth, quiet action. They are a good choice when you need a space-saving design.
  • Steam doors are available in both sliding and pivot designs. They are ideal if you want to create a spa-like environment in your bathroom. 

How Do You Determine the Size Of Custom Doors?

There are a few tips that can help you when measuring your bathroom space for custom shower doors. 

  • Wait to measure the space until after the finished wall materials are in place
  • Start by measuring the width or center line, remembering to allow for the body of the tape measure
  • Determine the maximum height available by measuring from the tub deck to the top of the fiberglass walls or tile
  • Check to make sure all surfaces are level, including the top of the buttress if applicable
  • Indicate where your shower head will be by placing an X to help you determine correct placement

What Are Some Glass Choices?

When you choose to have custom doors made for your bathroom, you have a broad range of choices. Some of the most common include clear and the following patterns.

  • Obscure
  • Rain
  • Clear etched
  • Strata
  • Clear beveled
  • Silk
  • Autumn

You can go online or visit a showroom to see samples of these glass options and any others that are available.

How Do Frameless and Semi-Frameless Differ?

You can ask to see both types of doors to get a good comparison, but the difference is essentially the amount of panel around the door for support. Frameless doors have a minimum amount of panels around the door for support, while semi-frameless have panels around the entire shower door opening, but not around the shower door itself. However, the amount of framing can vary by model. 

If you have questions about choosing the best shower door for your bathroom, or need help measuring the area to the correct size, contact your local shower door dealer. These professionals can help you find just the right shower door for your needs.