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Having A New Wood Fence Installed? Here's What You Need To Do First

by Matthew Fields

A wood fence is a beautiful addition to your property that increases your privacy and security. Installing one of these fences is more complicated than you might think, especially if you don't already have a fence in place to use as a guide. Hiring a fence contractor is the way to go, but even so, you need to make sure things are in order before the work begins. Your contractor may be able to help you. These are the steps to getting ready for your fence installation.

Talk To Neighbors

It's a good idea to let your neighbors know you plan to put a fence around your property. This way you can iron out problems before construction begins. If you already share a fence with the neighbors, they may be willing to chip in on the expense. Plus, if you tear down an adjoining fence, your neighbors will want to know the schedule, so they can keep pets indoors, so they won't escape if part of the fence is missing for a while.

Find Your Property Lines

Even if you already have a fence, it is a good idea to double check your property boundary before you put up a new one. You don't want your new fence to end up inside your neighbors' properties, or you may have to tear it down some day. You can hire a land surveyor to place permanent markers in the corners of your property, so you'll always know the location of your boundary lines.

Learn About Regulations

Talk to your city's codes office to learn about fencing regulations. You may need to place your fence a certain distance inside your property line to allow for utility companies to access power lines. There may also be regulations for the height of the wooden fence you plan to install. You could even need a permit before the construction begins. Your homeowner's association may have regulations that you need to follow too. Fortunately, wood fences are very common and attractive, so there shouldn't be a problem getting one approved. But if for some reason your HOA won't allow you to install a fence, you certainly want to know before you pay for the materials and installation.

Once you have the preliminaries underway, the contractor can proceed with your wood fence installation. The actual installation itself will probably go much faster than getting the approvals and surveying done in preparation for the project to begin. When you hire a contractor to install your fence, be sure to ask if the company can handle the surveying, permit gathering, underground utility checks, and anything else that can be done in advance. It's possible you'll only have to talk to your neighbors and HOA, and you'll be able to leave everything else to the contractor such as Reyes Fence.